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Our values

Our values

Joules. Being Brilliant.

We are looking for brilliant people. 

Brilliance is so much more than overcoming a challenge. It’s a wonderful feeling that accompanies exceeding expectations with style, wherever and whenever we can.

We’re talking about adding a splash of colour, making someone smile and making the ordinary, extraordinary.

And that’s what Being Brilliant is all about.

We are brilliant every day by:

  • Working together - learning to adjust, revise and work in different ways.
  • Giving feedback - saying “thank you” is the simplest and best feedback of all.
  • Being generous - with our time, support and advice.
  • Inspiring others - inspiration is an ‘energy’ that is both emotional and practical and encourages everyone to be their best. At Joules, it’s a daily activity.
  • Listening - a brilliant company knows when to LISTEN as well as when to react.

Like our people and our business, our values are many and varied.  

We are creative and commercial, passionate and practical, can-do and quirky. Here big ambition, hard work and a true entrepreneurial spirit drives our leading lifestyle brand and creates careers with a splash of colour.

This is our promise to you: as one team, we consistently put our customers first to ensure they enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle experience that is meaningful, unique and sincere. As part of the team delivering that experience, you can expect to enjoy a role that is more than the average, where you can bring your individuality to work, where you can make a difference and be rewarded accordingly.   

We have an eye for detail. We care and we challenge. We make connections and are emotionally intelligent. We encourage endeavour. We engage and feed back, are flexible and generous. We inspire hard work, lead with kindness, listen and take notice. We are always original and bring our passion to work, living our principles and being responsible about risk. We are never afraid to give it some wellie.  

If you share our values, this is where you can be brilliant.


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