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Marketing & Creative

Marketing & Creative

Welcome to our studio…

From our unique prints to our innovative designs, creativity is the lifeblood of our business.

We are creative at every opportunity, presenting, promoting and telling our brand story in every campaign, offer and event and across every channel. We build awareness and desire, we keep it special, we analyse and understand our marketplace, we work at pace and are always evolving.

It’s what makes us unmistakably Joules.

And that doesn’t stop when our ranges hit the shelves. Our Marketing and Creative team come up with the concepts and campaigns that show off our products in the best possible way, from catalogue to online, stores and beyond.

Our creative team span all the design disciplines, from concept to finished design (and print where appropriate) for each and every channel – PR & social online, direct to consumer, retail, wholesale and shows, and any supporting product/packaging requirements. And they get to put their ideas to work across the broadest mix of marketing activity to deliver the brand on brand.

Being in-house means we can get passionate and personal about a brand we know and love. This is where illustrators, art directors, web designers, graphic designers and artworkers enjoy every opportunity to bring their creativity to work and are nurtured and supported in return.

 If you like our style, you’ll love it here.


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