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Customer Care Assistant

Carole, Customer Care Assistant

Working at Joules

  • What attracted you to Joules and why did you choose to work for us?
  • I loved the clothes and heard nothing but good things about Joules from people I knew working for the company.
  • Tell us about a typical day…
  • Every day is different for me; being on the phone all day you never know who the next caller will be. I love helping customers with queries and feel satisfied when I am able to resolve their problems. I take great pride in my product knowledge which allows me to be able to recommend products to customers.
  • What's the best thing about working at Joules?
  • I would have to say it’s the people, I work with a great team who make work a pleasurable experience.
  • What’s been your biggest achievement so far?
  • My greatest personal achievement is raising two wonderful successful children. My biggest achievement at Joules is being reconised for my hard work and being put forward by my department to take place in this process.
  • What qualities make someone successful at Joules?
  • They are passionate about the brand and dedicated to making Joules a success. Team orientated with determination to succeed.
  • What do you think makes Joules unique as an employer?
  • I’ve never been happier at work. Joules breeds a happy family culture which I truly feel part off.
  • What would your advice be to someone considering joining Joules?
  • Do it, I’ve never been happier at work, Joules is a great company with a unique brand that is experiencing fantastic growth.

A bit more about you...

  • What is your favourite film or book?
  • 'Home Alone'.
  • What’s the best holiday you’ve ever been on?
  • A holiday to Cyprus, it’s a beautiful country with lovely people. The hotel was beautiful and the location was perfect for long daily walks which I love.
  • What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
  • A teddy bear from my husband. My husband recorded a marriage proposal which played when I squeezed its belly and was wearing my engagement ring around its neck.

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