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Junior Buyer Menswear

Faye, Junior Buyer Menswear

Working at Joules

  • What attracted you to Joules and why did you choose to work for us?
  • I initially applied for a job at Joules since I live locally and was commuting to London. I started at Joules as a Buyers Admin Assistant and wanted to work in a company where I knew I would be able to work my way up.
  • Tell us about a typical day…
  • Every day is different which is what I love about buying.  On one day you can be looking at a season’s new designs and trends on paper, and then presenting another season to our wholesale agents with samples at a range launch.
  • What's the best thing about working at Joules?
  • The great part about working at Joules is the people, not only the wonderful Menswear team I am part of but everyone in the other departments are so friendly. It is nice that in a company this size everyone still knows your name and takes the time to ask how your weekend has been.
  • What’s been your biggest achievement so far?
  • At the end of this month I will be traveling to our Shanghai Office to visit our suppliers and factories. This is the first time I will have travelled and am looking forward to the amazing opportunity.
  • What qualities make someone successful at Joules?
  • Have a passion for great product! 
  • What do you think makes Joules unique as an employer?
  • Joules is unique in that the Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Tom Joule, is still very hands on in the design process. He interacts with all levels and teams in the business on a daily basis – on Menswear we have weekly informal catch up meetings to check he is happy with the progress of the range.
  • What would your advice be to someone considering joining Joules?
  • Go for it! Joules is a great company to work for. It is also a growing company so great to be a part of the journey.

A bit more about you...

  • What is your favourite film or book?
  • My favourite film is 'Factory Girl'. I first watched it as I was interested in the 60s culture with Andy Warhol, however, what I love most about the film is finding out more around the story of style icon Eddie Sedgwick and her life.
  • What’s the best holiday you’ve ever been on?
  • Each summer I attend Glastonbury festival with a big group of friends. It is a week of watching different artists and spending time with friends albeit with unpredictable weather! We don’t take any phones or technology. It's amazing to get away from all my emails. It feels like you are in a little Glastonbury bubble!
  • What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
  • Last year we bought our first home – shortly after we got our little kitten Percy as a house warming present! He is a blue British short hair. When we first got him, he could fit in your pocket. Now, at almost a year old, he is a giant. I love coming home from a hard day to see Percy waiting at the door!

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