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Childrenswear Design Assistant

Lucy, Childrenswear Design Assistant

Working at Joules

  • What attracted you to Joules and why did you choose to work for us?
  • I was approached by Joules at Graduate Fashion Week, and was already really interested in the brand. So when I saw a job advertised for Childrenswear, I jumped at the chance.
  • Tell us about a typical day…
  • I don’t think there is ever a typical day at Joules! Every day is different with a different challenge. My day can vary from filing and sending emails, to presenting my designs to the board, and everything inbetween.
  • What's the best thing about working at Joules?
  • My team! Oh and the 50% discount!
  • What’s been your biggest achievement so far?
  • In my first few months at Joules, I drew a graphic for an intarsia jumper (a hare wearing glasses). My biggest achievement was finding out this this was a best seller.
  • What qualities make someone successful at Joules?
  • A positive attitude, enthusiastic and a sense of humour!
  • What do you think makes Joules unique as an employer?
  • The people, there is a great sense of team spirit. Also the location, we even have a gorgeous garden where we sit outside to eat lunch in the summer.
  • What would your advice be to someone considering joining Joules?
  • Do it!

A bit more about you...

  • What is your favourite film or book?
  • I really love the James Bond films! I used to watch them when I was younger with my Dad. Recently I’ve read a few of the books too and they’re even funnier than the films.
  • What’s the best holiday you’ve ever been on?
  • I’ve been very lucky and visited some really amazing places with my family when I was younger. My favourite holiday though was to Turkey with my Mum, Auntie, and sister. We spent two weeks chilling by the pool, taking it in turns to go get ice-lollys!
  • What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
  • For Christmas last year I received a drill from my grandparents. Having moved away from home to work at Joules, I’ve had to learn to be more self sufficient in everything DIY related. Grandad is normally my go-to guy for putting up shelves, but now he is more than happy to instruct over the phone!

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